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January 26, 2009

What Lies Beneath?

With he news of layoffs at two EDD providers (i365/Metalincs and SPi), I thought you might want a sneak preview of Craig Ball's column "What Lies Beneath."

Ball warns us to be sure we have considered how to protect our firms and clients should a vendor evaporate.

View it here or download it here: Download Ball_In_Your_Court


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i365, A Seagate Company, has periodically undertaken reorganizations and consolidations in order to capitalize on synergies across the company, particularly in light of our history of acquisition. We intend to develop an interoperable family of products that provides greater customer value, and have recently re-aligned our engineering teams to better leverage our IP and human assets. We also have eliminated some duplicative support and administrative infrastructure across our broader portfolio.

E-Discovery is a critically important part of the company's future and our re-alignment will strengthen our ability to deliver the products and services needed in this growing market. We are hiring certain key skills and have an exciting new release of our MetaLINCS product coming soon.

Oh, what I wouldn't have given to see Monica Bay's face when she read Ms. Loof's comment--knowing, as I do, Ms. Bay's fondness for phrases like "capitalize on synergies" and "leverage human assets."

Remind me: are human assets slaves or merely chattels?

If a human asset bumps into a human liability, do both disappear in a burst of blinding energy and house keys?

I here you Craig! Rest assured, the “human assets” are a team of people with considerable knowledge and expertise of which I have great admiration and respect for. You are absolutely right to call me on the corporate speak.

Plainly said we (i365) are going through the natural process of integrating the company built from three different companies: EVault, MetaLINCS and ActionFront. In so doing, we are combining our engineering resources to build the BEST solution for the market. This, we are very proud of.

Personally I have weathered through several acquisitions in my high tech career. None of those acquisitions have been as focused on building upon successes already accomplished, with the same group of talented people.

To your point, next time I’ll just say it…although I did enjoy the commentary!

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