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August 12, 2009

Bye Bye e-? Mon Makes a Ruling!

Noway Should Law Technology News drop the e- from e-discovery?

After a wonderful debate, with 22 comments (and counting) — as well as some back-channel commentary from folks I (also) listen to very carefully — I'm ready to issue my ruling:

Nope, the e- stays.

It was a Solomon-esque decision, but ultimately, our underlying agenda is to educate folks and demystify technology, and keep things clear and simple.  I was persuaded by the arguments that with so many legal professionals still befuddled by electronic data discovery, the time isn't right to just go back to generic discovery. EDD has specific meaning, and right now, the e- helps clarify the discussion, so we will continue using e-discovery in the pages of LTN and in this blog. But let's all move to the day when we no longer need the appendage.

THANKS for a great discussion!

P.S.  I was not swayed at all by the "green" argument of the benefits of dropping two characters. I may be a certified addict of Planet Green and eat more than my share of granola, but I don't think even Al Gore, Malcolm Gladwell, or Thomas Friedman would be persuaded that the energy consumed to type and process 2 characters could ever hit critical mass (or barely even a mass at all) and impact our lousy, crummy, humid, August weather in NYC.  :)

Ms. Mon

P.P.S. - at the request of Brad Blickstein (see comments)
I hereby declare these style rules for LTN:

• First reference: electronic data discovery, electronically stored information

• Second reference: EDD or e-discovery, ESI


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No argument from me on dropping the e.
But is there a way we can get the industry to standardize on spelling and punctuation?
I'm sure there are more.
It would seem you might be in a position to dictate something here. Any chance?

I accept decision but object to mollycoddling lawyers who arguably commit ethical violations by failing to stay current on rules and best practices.

In the 1990s, there were many litigators who never understood scanning, OCR, and full-text. For all I know, they still don't. What do we do in 10 years about the lawyers who still don't understand e ?

Good decision, but let's kill off EDD, which was originally ED until someone pointed out the overlap with a certain male disorder. EDD adds an unnecessary word simply because Pfizer and others snagged ED first. Brad, we standardized on eDiscovery about two years ago.

Nah... because then I'd have to change the name of our blog and my LTN showcases :)

and EDD sounds better than ED, partly bec of the reasons you cited!

and i'm sticking with e-discovery like e-mail.

One word, Ron, one word: "Darwin"

Sorry I wasn't clear. I don't think we should use ED either. eDiscovery is short enough. You wouldn't have to rename the blog. Do most people know the origin of "IBM"? I think not. It has evolved from acronym to brand.

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