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May 18, 2012

How I Blog So Much?

Ralph_head_BWI get asked all the time how I blog so much. (Funny, people rarely ask me why.) Because I get asked this question so often, I decided to share bits of an interview I did recently for Andrew Bartholomew of e-Discovery Beat. I told him he could ask me anything, except, of course, for the questions that he really wanted to ask concerning a particular case that my law firm is handling.

Andrew put the audio of the entire interview online, and added an edited transcript of selections in two segments: part one and part two. His first question out of the box concerned my obsessive blogging. Actually, he did not call it that, he was quite flattering. But that is how my wife refers to it. Here is how my answer begins. For the full story please see, what else, my blog.

Losey: When I first started doing this in 2006, the blog posts were shorter and I didn’t provide a whole lot of analysis. I was mainly talking about new cases. But after doing this every week for five-and-a-half years now, it has become second nature. I find that my writing evolves as my own understanding evolves.

I’m pretty opinionated at this point because I've been doing it so long. I have become the analysis and opinion guy in e-discovery. I don’t try to report on each new case that comes out. ...

Now would someone please explain to my wife that blogging is not just an narcissistic, obsessive waste of time?

Image by Ralph Losey


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