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July 28, 2009

EDD Update to experience "Where Angels Fear to Tread..."


With names like Craig Ball, Ralph Losey, Browning Marean, Dan Regard, and Shawnna Childress, it’s abundantly clear why EDD Update was in dire need of e-discovery talent for their blog. 

Seriously, what an honor it is to be named as a blog author for EDD Update.  The people who write for this blog provide such a great insight into e-discovery, social media, and other related matters.  I hope to post once or twice a week on things that I find unique to the industry.  Since becoming licensed in 2003, e-discovery has pretty much been my bread and butter via document reviews, project management, and consulting. 

Shocking as it may be though, I did not rise to prominence by becoming the “world’s greatest document reviewer.”  Most people know me from a blog I started a little over a year ago called Gabe’s Guide to the e-Discovery Universe.  Gabe’s Guide is exactly that-a guide.  I liken it to sort of an “uber news feed” of things people should be paying attention to in e-discovery, such as massive litigation matters, mergers and second requests, new technology and review software, and people in the industry.  In fact, I am certain I have cited to all of those people in the first sentence multiple times on my blog.  As well, like in this post, I will interject sarcastic commentary or write a pithy headline.

I would be remiss if I did not mention my Ed Valio, who has greatly assisted me in posting content to my blog.  He as well as others will be the subject of future posts for EDD Update.  Ed is an attorney with a deep background in technology, and definitely someone who is a rising star in e-discovery.

Again, I can’t express enough how excited I am to be part of this blog, and I hope that you will find my contributions to this dialogue to be meaningful and interesting.

Oh and lastly, that is a picture of me above as a one year old.  If you can handle the fact that I sometimes speak at Mach 3 speed, you can see what I look like today by clicking here.    


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Oh great, now I have to endure your wisecracks on TWO blogs!

Seriously though, congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading your posts to what is becoming an essential e-discovery resource--and the e-discovery blog with the most attitude!


How are you? Great to know you are still out out there reading this stuff over the "internets"

Your blog has great potential. Keep at it.

And yes, you will hear from me now from TWO

But be mindful, your Eastern Philosophical, Six Sigma, Jedi Mind Trick Powers have no effect on me over here my friend :).

Hope all is well.

Congratulations, Gabe! My question--with you, Ralph AND Craig, is there such thing as an internet time delay? Too much fun with a verrry serious topic....

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