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July 14, 2011

LEDES E-Discovery Codes Ratified, Webinar Comes Next

E-discovery billing codes from the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards are now official, LEDES Oversight Committee President Jane Bennitt told me in an email this morning. The code set passed a vote yesterday and now the committee is developing an educational webinar about how to use it.

Bennitt wrote: "The LOC formed a development subcommittee in 2010 that included more than 170 participants. After several meetings, a proposed set was developed and discussed at our members’ meeting in February. We posted the proposed set for public comment for a period of 3 months. Once the comment period closed, all feedback received was addressed by the subcommittee and the final set was presented to the Board for consideration. Our Standards Coordinator reviewed the process undertaken to ensure all of the LEDES Oversight Committee required development steps had been followed. As the final step, the Board voted yesterday to ratify the standard."

She added, "Over the next month we plan to reach out to a number of legal organizations to see if they would like to partner with us in hosting a webinar on the UTBMS eDiscovery code set and how the codes should be used. Look for more information on this at our August members meeting during ILTA’s 2011 Annual Educational Conference."

Also, "The eDiscovery Code set will soon be posted on, a web site maintained by the LOC that serves as the definitive resource for legal on UTBMS standards."

Read my June 28 Law Technology News article for more information about the LOC, e-discovery codes, and the upcoming activity and expense codes.


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