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September 01, 2011

Are E-discovery Review Platforms a Serious Security Risk?

Hacker It’s open hacking season and data breaches are on the rise with more than 300 identified breaches this year alone!  The data breaches are evenly split between hackers and malware.  Ninety percent of all breaches today are targeted at databases that contain caches of valuable data ripe for the taking.

Currently, there are hundreds of millions of sensitive corporate documents sitting on review platforms around the world with information valued in the billions of dollars. Document review platforms are a perfect target for corporate espionage, IP theft, and cyber gangs like Anonymous wanting to create mischief or embarrass a company. 

The convenience of logging into review platforms from anywhere has the potential to create serious data security risks. Anytime sensitive IP leaves the firewall of an organization, corporate legal has both an ethical and legal obligation to zealously protect client confidences and secrets.  Failure of counsel to review the security protocols of a review platform that will be used to hold sensitive documents could be considered a breach of that obligation.

Therefore, best practices requires corporate legal to always consult with a security expert when dealing with highly sensitive corporate data that will be leaving the corporate firewall to make sure the ESI remains secure during review. Unfortunately, if the information is considered a high value target, the bad guy will almost always find a way to get it and often you will not know of the data breach until long after the damage is done.

Note: Watch for my report on this topic coming soon to the LTN website. (We'll add a link!)


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