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April 16, 2012

Updates on 2011 TREC Results, EDI Project

A pair of updates came to light recently about e-discovery research projects from the Text Retrieval Conference and the Electronic Discovery Institute.

Official results from the 2011 TREC Legal Track were scheduled for public release on March 15. "We've been promising it in the next week or two for the last four or five weeks,"  Legal Track coordinator and University of Waterloo professor Gordon Cormack told me today. Asked if the overview will be published before April is through, "I sincerely hope so," he said.

Unofficial results, dated Oct. 24, 2011, are already circulating but are not endorsed by TREC. I viewed the document while reporting my Dec. 19, 2011, story, "E-Discovery Pitches Meet Sabermetrics." Today, I was informed that the same document found its way into a Da Silva Moore filing. [Update, April 17 -- the TREC document is cited in paragraph 14 here, thanks to Orange Legal Technologies' web guru Rob Robinson.]

At the Electronic Discovery Institute, organizer Patrick Oot is developing a research project sponsored by Oracle. "We will be making our next announcement in about a week or so. We have secured two chief scientists. We will be releasing the protocol for comment to the participants on June 1," Oot said last Friday.

Separately, a startup called BeyondRecognition is doing an interesting project related to TREC's 2008 results. Read the full article, "BeyondRecognition Looks to Improve OCR for Legal Field," on Law Technology News online.


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