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January 18, 2013

Law Firm Technologists Debate Best EDD Whereabouts

Question_news400There's a debate flaring up on the Law Technology News homepage today — should your law firm insource its e-discovery, so you can control everything, or outsource it, so the administration is someone else's hassle?

In our top story, "6 Reasons to Insource Litigation Support," two Reed Smith technology leaders argue for insourcing. "For some firms, outsourcing these services is absolutely the correct answer. However, for many firms (like Reed Smith), keeping select litigation support services in-house, aka insourcing, can provide substantial benefits and cost savings to corporate clients," wrote Bryon Bratcher, senior manager of litigation support, and Tom Baldwin, chief knowledge officer.

"While the creation of a team of highly trained staff and the investment in technology may not be for some firms, the evidence clearly shows that many firms are not only continuing to in-source, but are ramping up their investments in technology and people," they concluded.

But in our second story, "LegalTech Rookies Focus on Court Technology and Legal Research," Jackson Walker's Duane Lites shared a different perspective. Lites, director of litigation support, said his goal at LegalTech this month is to narrow his shopping list for hosted e-discovery services.

"When we first started doing [e-discovery] four years ago, it was manageable. Now it's unmanageable. It's too big," Lites said. "When our systems start to be bigger than the firm's IT systems, it becomes a problem." Lites' pro-cloud view is shared by Jackson Lewis partner Ralph Losey, known for his Trekkie-themed e-discovery teachings.

We at LTN look forward to hearing much more of this debate in 2013.

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I love this debate! Of course in the end, the right answer to the in-source/out-source question is always: "it depends". My latest series of posts will dig a little deeper and look at the economics of eDiscovery, which may help shed some light on this topic. This issue may be interesting to specifically address in the context of economic models.

Andy Cobb, PhD

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