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August 02, 2012

Waiting for Godot to Deliver a Load File Standard

Derby_briefcaseWaiting for a standard for load files instead of having to rely on a different file format when you're exporting data into different case management and review platforms such as Summation, Concordance, Relativity, Ringtail, etc.? According to ABA e-discovery chairman Steven Teppler, you might have to wait a little longer.

Teppler labels standards such as EDRM-XML, proposed by the Electronic Discovery Reference Model organization, as "premature" for an area in which "best practices are still emerging." Read the full report from Evan Koblentz on LTN online.

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July 06, 2012

Cowen Group "Critical Trends" 2Q Report Shows EDD Surge

CowenGT11Good news from The Cowen Group: Thursday, the headhunter/research consultancy released its "2012 2Q Critical Trends" report, showing a huge surge in electronic data discovery workload at both law firms and corporate counsel offices -- to the tune of 70% and 77% respectively.

That's not all the good news -- according to the 88 respondents, both types of shops are pullin' out checkbooks and buying or upgrading tech, and hiring.

Check out the story here.

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June 19, 2012

Keystroke Analysis Could Replace Passwords

KeyboardThe way you type on your computer's keyboard is as unique as your handwriting, and may even be a matter of national security, an Iowa State University engineering professor says.

In the land of digital investigations, investigators and data collectors may find, in the not too distant future, the need for a custodian to stand by to enter their password for system access.

Thanks to a $500,000 research grant from the U.S. Defense Department, they're looking for better ways than hacker-prone passwords to protect its systems, and are betting that ISU Professor Morris Chang is right. Chang, recently quoted in USA Today, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, said we all take unique pauses between keystrokes, especially when typing complicated words.  "When you spell a particular word, you may have a tendency to pause at a certain character," Chang said. "Your pause would be different than mine."

Continue reading "Keystroke Analysis Could Replace Passwords" »

May 15, 2012

TREC on Hiatus for 2012

Hexadecimal_counting400With a new data set not yet ready and its 2011 results nearly two months late and counting, TREC Legal Track's annual document review project for testing new systems has been canceled for 2012, reports Evan Koblentz. In related news, Recommind confirmed that it's been asked to leave the project for prematurely disclosing the company's 2011 results.

Part of the U.S. Text Retrieval Conference, TREC Legal Track is used by researchers from academic and corporate sectors to test the precision and recall of newly developed technologies. Read the full story on LTN online.

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April 16, 2012

Updates on 2011 TREC Results, EDI Project

A pair of updates came to light recently about e-discovery research projects from the Text Retrieval Conference and the Electronic Discovery Institute.

Official results from the 2011 TREC Legal Track were scheduled for public release on March 15. "We've been promising it in the next week or two for the last four or five weeks,"  Legal Track coordinator and University of Waterloo professor Gordon Cormack told me today. Asked if the overview will be published before April is through, "I sincerely hope so," he said.

Unofficial results, dated Oct. 24, 2011, are already circulating but are not endorsed by TREC. I viewed the document while reporting my Dec. 19, 2011, story, "E-Discovery Pitches Meet Sabermetrics." Today, I was informed that the same document found its way into a Da Silva Moore filing. [Update, April 17 -- the TREC document is cited in paragraph 14 here, thanks to Orange Legal Technologies' web guru Rob Robinson.]

At the Electronic Discovery Institute, organizer Patrick Oot is developing a research project sponsored by Oracle. "We will be making our next announcement in about a week or so. We have secured two chief scientists. We will be releasing the protocol for comment to the participants on June 1," Oot said last Friday.

Separately, a startup called BeyondRecognition is doing an interesting project related to TREC's 2008 results. Read the full article, "BeyondRecognition Looks to Improve OCR for Legal Field," on Law Technology News online.

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